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Sponsored by Jam Art Creations


Rules are as follows..
• Cars will be built using an actual rocker cover from a VW engine (Aircooled); steel and or aluminum are allowed.

• No engines or propulsion of any kind save gravity.

• No moving weights/counter weights.

• Wheels can be attached to the car in any manner, but must not extend beyond the front or rear of the valve cover.

• Nothing can extend beyond the front or rear of the valve cover.

• Cars will have at least four wheels, each no more than six inches in diameter.

• Wheel must have a non-metallic surface contacting the track.

• 10 inch maximum overall width.

• 10 inch maximum overall height.

• 8 pounds maximum weight.

• Valve covers will be clean (no sludge or oil). If the racer drips oil or grease, it is disqualified!

• Each racer will have a name to be used to identify it during races.

Rules of the track and race are as follows:

•The judge's decision is final.

•The track will consist of two lanes with each lane being 11.5 inches wide.


•If a racer (person) interferes with another car, it (they) automatically lose that round.


•If a racer is hampered by a track issue, it will get another run.


•If there is a tech issue, the judge's decision is final.


“official” rules are subject to change.

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